Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is the second part of the post about The Fashion Room Service. I divided it into two parts because it would be frustrating to wait for all those pictures to load.

Before I continue with the rest of the designers, let me explain why I'm posing and having my hair done etc. Stelios Koudounaris, was also among the designers that took part in the event. What was special about "his" room, was that you could wear one of his designs, have your hair styled by a hairstylist and be photographed by a professional photographer in front of a studio flash. Of course I couldn't pass up the chance to wear a Stelios Koudounaris outfit, so I gladly did it and enjoyed it all the way! (the photographs here are taken by my brother, the ones by Stelios' photographer will be posted soon at the blog Eternal Optimist). 

Stelios Koudounaris and me (wearing one of his designs)

Hidden Showroom - Akira Mushi and Hysteria Asteria


Alexis Barell

Sotiris Georgiou


WeSC Footwear


What do are your thoughts about this event? Seen anything you like?


Yesterday afternoon I went to The Fashion Room Service Athens - 2nd Edition by OZON magazine, held in St. George Lycabettus Hotel. The concept of the event is brilliant: 18 fashion designers and labels present their collections in 18 rooms of the Hotel. The designers decorate "their" rooms and present their collections, each in their own unique way. As much as I love runway shows, I also really like to be able to chat with the designers and see their creations up close and this event is perfect for that!
Please be prepared for a major picture overload (in two parts)!

Melina Pispa




Barbarigos Workshop Couture

Tolis Skoulariotis beachwear

Rien by Penny Vomva


Georgina Skalidi

Μπορντ / ντε λό (Bord / de lo)

There is a second post coming right up, about the rest of the designers and bonus photos of me posing as a model in a gorgeous Stelios Koudounaris outfit, so stay tuned!!!



Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Last night I attended the exclusive press event for the Versace for H&M collection, that in Greece will be launching on the 18th of November in selected stores. I was working until 9pm so I ran a bit late, but at least I got the chance to see most of the pieces from the Versace collection. My favorite are the leather pieces. The leather is buttery soft and the designs with the studds and the typically Versace greek meanders are gorgeous. I tried on one of the studded leather jackets (the only one left at the time), but it was a size too small, which was actually a good thing for my budget, because I would be very tempted to spend the 250€ and buy it! I wanted to get a scarf and the black fur vest, but they were sold out when I got there.

Luckily I managed to buy something from the collection, which was this lovely studded top:

There was also a 25% discount for the rest of the H&M products, so I got a few things, mostly workwear.
It was a lovely event, and thank you H&M for inviting me!

Will you get anything from the Versace collection? What are your favorite pieces?