Last night I attended the exclusive press event for the Versace for H&M collection, that in Greece will be launching on the 18th of November in selected stores. I was working until 9pm so I ran a bit late, but at least I got the chance to see most of the pieces from the Versace collection. My favorite are the leather pieces. The leather is buttery soft and the designs with the studds and the typically Versace greek meanders are gorgeous. I tried on one of the studded leather jackets (the only one left at the time), but it was a size too small, which was actually a good thing for my budget, because I would be very tempted to spend the 250€ and buy it! I wanted to get a scarf and the black fur vest, but they were sold out when I got there.

Luckily I managed to buy something from the collection, which was this lovely studded top:

There was also a 25% discount for the rest of the H&M products, so I got a few things, mostly workwear.
It was a lovely event, and thank you H&M for inviting me!

Will you get anything from the Versace collection? What are your favorite pieces?