Sunday, September 25, 2011

Yesterday I went to Benaki Museum with the intention of seeing "Aesop's Fables", an exhibition of contemporary paintings and engravings (inspired by the fables). But I didn't actually get to see the exhibition for some reason. Instead I saw the installation that was on the ground floor (at the yard) of the museum, an exhibition of cartoonists' sketches, with the topic being the hard times my country is going through. I found the sketches to be very smart and to the point. My favorite was the one I'm pointing at in the picture below, showing the E.U. as a skinny cow and Greece being it's breasts. I believe most Greeks feel like we're being "milked" nowadays, don't we? And the worst part is that there's hardly any milk left!!!

Anyway, afterwards I found a very cute park nearby and took some outfit pics. On the way home I passed by a church fair. I love fairs, there's something very kitschy cult about them! And they also remind me of my childhood, when grandma used to take me and my brother to the church and treated us to some toys or candy from the fair afterwards. I miss those careless and happy days...

(Lace top: Vintage, random tube top, Skirt: Miss Selfridge, Belt: Fullah Sugah, Bag: Vintage, Shoes: Office)

(Face: Max Factor lasting performance, Elf complexion perfection, Eyes: Mac eyeshadows Falling star and Espresso, Kiko lengthening mascara, Korres black eyeliner pencil, Cheeks: Rimmel sun shimmer duo bronzing powder, Lips: Maybelline shine seduction lip gloss in apricot)

Did you see/do anything interesting this weekend?


P.S.: The title is taken from the lyrics of "Milk", a song by Garbage (I thought it was very appropriate for this post)!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

This is my belated post about FNO. It was a fun afternoon with a little shopping and a lot of socializing! If only it wasn't so darn hot. Who could imagine that I would be craving for cold(er) weather, but really this heat is getting on my nerves! 
Anyway, I had a great time and the best thing was that I finally got to meet the lovely ladies, Artemi from Beauty with Artemi and Peggy from Jewels by Peggy in person. We went to the Aussie event in Hondos Center (Ermou) and I bought a shampoo, with which they also gave me a lovely fabric bag (although I would have preferred one of the half naked six-pack guys that were hosting the event!).  
We also visited a few other beauty and make up stores and then we went to Blanco to take a quick look. I found a lovely hat (I actually tried on two hats, but decided to get the black/gold one).
Then the girls left and I continued along with my brother. We went to Voukourestiou street, where the Ralph Lauren store was holding a party with live jazz/swing music and drinks. The street was packed with people, the usual crowd of fashionistas, celebrities and wannabes! 
Overall it was nice, but nothing special. I would love to have some of New York's FNO glamour here. Or at least some more imaginative events. Maybe next year...

From left to right, me Artemi and Peggy in Hondos Center

Did you go to FNO?


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Last week I finally got something that has been on my wish list for quite some time: a DSLR! It’s an older model, so it was used, but in mint condition. I haven’t had the chance to play with it the past few days, but today my brother and I went to Gazi in Athens and gave my new camera a try. I admit that it takes a lot of practicing to get a decent shot and it really helps having someone to show you the tricks.
I also found a manual of the Canon 40D on youtube, which was really helpful.
If you do buy a DSLR and have no idea how to use it, don’t worry, there is a lot of information online. My advice though, is to set it in Manual mode, because the whole point of getting a DSLR is to learn how to take good quality pictures!
(The photos of me were taken by my brother. the rest of the photos and the editing are by me)

(Vest: Bershka, Top: from random shop, Palazzo pants: ProdigyRed, Shoes: Adidas, Bag: Zara, Sunglasses: Rayban, Bracelts: H&M, DIY chain, DIY charm bracelet, Vintage silver bracelets)

Tomorrow it’s the FNO in Athens. Is anyone going? If yes, leave me a comment or email me and maybe we could meet up. 

I think I'll wear my new ASOS dress and bag with a pair of nude lace up booties (unless I change my mind at the last minute!). What are you planning on wearing (for my Greek friends) or what did you wear at the FNO (for my international friends)? 

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Friday, September 2, 2011

This post is dedicated to my grandmother*, who passed away 3 years ago and whom I loved and admired very much. She was an amazing woman, and I feel blessed that she was a part of my family.
She was a very beautiful woman. The kind of beauty that is natural and effortless. If she lived in today’s world I’m sure she could be a model. Like the ones that are discovered by model scouts. She had grace and finesse. And she remained graceful and elegant through out her life, even at hard times. I don’t remember her ever being disheveled or unkempt. Her appearance was always impeccable, wherever she was, whatever she was doing. 

She was larger than life. Very extrovert, usually the soul of the party and the center of the attention. She would go on trips with a group of people she didn’t know and within a few hours, everyone would know her name and want to be in her company. 

She had the amazing ability of never saying no, but always doing things her way. I remember her saying “I always say yes, but in the end I do what I want”. She was a strong and confident woman, but she never stepped on anyone’s “toes”. I’m still puzzled how she managed to achieve that!
I also have to mention her cooking skills. She was born and raised in Crete (until she was 18, when she came to Athens), so you can understand what this means. Delicious Cretan cuisine that we were all fortunate enough to enjoy. She loved having people for dinner and could cook several dishes in very little time. She also knew all the recipes by heart! I on the other hand, can’t remember even the simplest recipe if I don’t write it down...

My grandmother with my grandfather circa 1944

I had a very strong bond with my grandmother, not only because she was my mother’s mother. I have her name and many people tell me that I am like her in so many ways. I feel very honored when I hear that and I sincerely hope it is even half true.  

(*The inspiration for this post came from the lovely A Brit Greek, who did a wonderful post about her grandmother. )

My grandmother’s photos are from the 40’s (or so), so I decided to do a themed photoshoot (although I feel like an ugly duckling compared to her!). I have this amazing dress that screams forties I just had to wear! My hairstyle is rather irrelevant with the era, but I can’t do much about it. Besides, it is an inspired look. I hope you like it...

(Dress: Dafni Valente, Shoes: Zara)