Something new and exciting in the blogosphere: Bloggers Wardrobe!

It is a project by Studio Total and it’s going to be so much more than a simple webshop: think of it like a giant pool, filled with goodies, for bloggers and fashionistas! I’d love to swim in that pool!!!

I got an invitation from Studio Total to participate in the competition for the remaining 4 places.

Why should I be a part of this project?

Have you seen any fashion editorials without a statement make up look? Our fashion blogs are our own little fashion editorials. Where there’s fashion there’s make up, and I can do BOTH!

Please click HERE to give me the chance to be a part of this amazing project. And be a good sport and share this post with your friends. You’re only one click away of being a Good Samaritan! :)

P.S.: To prove my point about the importance of make up in a fashion shoot (although I know all of you that work in the fashion industry totally agree with me), I’ve included a few pics from some of my old posts: