Last night I was invited to attend Swarovski's press event for their Spring-Summer collection 2012. The theme of the event was Swing and I couldn't be more happy to dress for "the part"! After all, you know how much I love period make up and fashions. So, I wore  a 40's style dress and a pair of beautiful Miu Miu T-bar mary janes, that look very retro. I put on my favorite Russian Red Mac lipstick (with Mac Cherry lipliner) and did a classic winged eyeliner. As for my hair, my short haircut didn't leave me much choice, so I just used a few rollers to create some curls and styled it in a late 40's - 50's way (sort of!). 

The Swarovski collection was fantastic. I especially loved the skull pendants and accessories (which were actually part of the Men's collection) and the sunglasses. And of course all the embelished clutches were gorgeous. We were also given a beautiful pen with a clear cap that inside was filled with Swarovski crystals (pink for the girls and blue for the boys!), which also opens and contains a usb, with all the press material. I always appreciate a usb, especially when it comes in such a lovely package! 

There were also two couples of Lindy hop dancers (swing dance) who danced beautifully!

Me and Maria Papaoikonomou of Politics PR