The minute I saw the ecclesiastical candleholders on the runway I thought that we’re about to see something very intriguing. I couldn’t be more right. The lights went down and on the video wall a clip was playing, preparing us for what we were about to see, creating a very mystical atmosphere. And then, psalms were heard and men appeared dressed in black cloaks, holding lit candles that they placed in the candleholders. After that, the models started walking down the runway, showing the designer’s beautiful creations. The color palette consisted of blacks and silvers with a hint of blue and beige. 
The jewelry/art pieces were by Perikles Kondylatos, and they made quite a statement! 
I must say that this was the most impressive show (at least among the ones I saw) and kudos to Ourania Kay and her team for the idea and the amazing presentation!

(As usual, photos taken by Constantinos Theodorou, Close up Studio)