Hello my lovelies, how have you been? I know I haven’t updated this blog for a while, and I also have missed several fashion events (mostly due to work), so I didn’t feel that I had much to blog about. Maybe I could start making some outfit posts again, but the cold and rainy weather we’ve been having lately, just puts me off!

So the thought crossed my mind that I could blog about a photoshoot we did last month. Most of you know that my brother is a professional photographer and that we usually work together in photoshoots (and of course he’s the official photographer for this blog!). 
We had the chance to work with Katerina Evangelinou, a former Miss Hellas, who is a model and a TV presenter. The object of the photoshoot was jewelry, made by Valia de Grèce.

Valia Daskalothanasi is a Cannes based jewelry designer, who designs high quality jewelry and every single piece is handmade by her. The materials she mainly uses are Murano glass and semi-precious stones. Her designs are very beautiful and quite unique. I have my eye on a few pieces myself...
As for the make up I did on Katerina, I used all Mac products (what else?!):
For the face:
Face and body foundation
Select sheer pressed powder
Select cover-up concealer
For the eyes:
Gilt by association eyeshadow
Vanilla eyeshadow
Technakhol eyeliner in Graphblack
Zoom black mascara
For the lips: 
Boldly bare lipliner
Creme d’ nude mixed with Angel lipstick
For the cheeks:
Contouring with full coverage foundation (in NW50)
Desert Rose blush
The photoshoot took place at Close Up Studio (my brother’s studio) and we had so much fun during it. I really enjoyed working with Valia and Katerina! Below are some of the photos from the photoshoot and don’t forget to visit Valia’s site to check out her amazing jewelry. You can buy online and the shipping is international! 
PS: The clothing used for the photoshoot was from the Raxevsky spring-summer 2012 collection.