And I’m not talking about my outfit! While I’m editing my photos and writing this post, I’m listening to an internet radio station (, playing from itunes. I like listening to music while working or surfing the internet and I usually choose radio stations that play light jazz or slow r&b songs, or even slow 80’s and rock songs. That way the music doesn’t take my mind off what I’m doing (usually).
Tonight I have slow r&b jams playing and while I was uploading my photos there was an old Aretha Franklin song called “United together” that has some beautiful lyrics like “There’s nothing we can’t overcome, if you let me be your only one”. Corny, I know, but I’m incurably romantic and I believe in soul mates, what can I say?!

Trousers and 3/4 sleeves knit: Zara
Turtle neck knit: Tally Weijl
Shoes: bought locally
Belt: Vintage

Face: Korres Wild Rose foundation, Benefit booing concealer, Elf complexion perfection
Eyes: NYX green eyes palette, MAnhattan khol eyeliner No16, Korres black eyeliner, Estée Lauder sumptuous mascara
Cheeks: Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Lips: Kryolan lipshine circle

Do you like corny love songs?