I have been awarded by the fabulous Purdey of Kittenish Behaviour with the Stylish Blogger Award and it was so sweet of her. If you don’t know her blog you should definitely check it out. Her posts are always fun to read, especially her date -disaster- stories and you won’t catch her wearing the same thing over and over because she has a large collection of beautiful and colorful clothes and shoes!

So, before I pass the award to 5 stylish bloggers, here are
8 things about me:
  1. I love sports cars. I used to be in car clubs, hanging out with guys (mostly) who have the same car as me and we went for road trips and talked about cars all the time. I have also worked in car magazines and even wrote a few articles in them. I used to love speed but I’ve been in a couple of accidents and that shook me enough to drive more sensibly now.
  2. My most important flaws are being impatient, impulsive and easily bored!
  3. My first real and long relationship was when I was 21 with a greek boy who was studying in Plymouth. He was at the beginning of his final year and I went to visit him for a few days and ended up staying with him for the whole year! My father was furious!
  4. I have a fear of heights.
  5. Besides studying professional make up, I’ve also studied Dietetics and I did a 3 year distance learning course for a degree in Law (which would take another 3 years to graduate).
  6. When I finished high school I wanted to be an actress. I still do!
  7. I have stage fright. When I’m on a stage I feel like fainting, my palms get sweaty and my heart beats fast. But that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be on a stage. The applauding after a performance is priceless!
  8. I used to dance Tango Argentino and I will never forget the first time I danced with my eyes shut. My dance teacher, who was formerly a ballet dancer, asked me to dance with him and told me to shut my eyes. I was reluctant at first, but when I did it, it was the most liberating, magical and heavenly experience I’ve ever had!
And now, I pass the award on to:
By my heels: The gorgeous Lara is a very stylish blogger from Spain. Her outfits are always amazing and being a former model she really knows how to look beautiful!
Despite color: Iben is a very sweet girl from Norway with Greek roots. She has a good eye for fashion and always a nice thing to comment.
Glossy's Wardrobe: Tally's new fashion blog (she has also a very popular Beauty blog) is all about her hauls, her outfits and about what she likes. She's a gorgeous looking girl that could easily be a model and is also kind hearted and sweet. Oh, and I envy her bag collection!
Fashion algorithms: Katerina is my favorite Greek blogger. I like her sense of style and the fact that she has always something nice to say.
Mes choix, mes envies, et mes chaussures.........: Agnès is such a lovely person, a shoeaholic like me, with a wonderful taste in shoes!

And this is today's outfit:

Dress: Artisti Italiani
Tights: H&M
Shoes: SoYouShoes
Necklaces: vintage and H&M

Face: Korres Wild Rose foundation, Kryolan camouflage concealer, Elf complexion perfection
Eyes: Coastal scents 26 color palette, NYX baby pink e/s, Korres black eyeliner, Estée Lauder sumptuous mascara
Cheeks: Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Lips: Kryolan lipshine circle

I can't wait to read the 8 things my stylish bloggers will write about themselves!