This is my belated post about FNO. It was a fun afternoon with a little shopping and a lot of socializing! If only it wasn't so darn hot. Who could imagine that I would be craving for cold(er) weather, but really this heat is getting on my nerves! 
Anyway, I had a great time and the best thing was that I finally got to meet the lovely ladies, Artemi from Beauty with Artemi and Peggy from Jewels by Peggy in person. We went to the Aussie event in Hondos Center (Ermou) and I bought a shampoo, with which they also gave me a lovely fabric bag (although I would have preferred one of the half naked six-pack guys that were hosting the event!).  
We also visited a few other beauty and make up stores and then we went to Blanco to take a quick look. I found a lovely hat (I actually tried on two hats, but decided to get the black/gold one).
Then the girls left and I continued along with my brother. We went to Voukourestiou street, where the Ralph Lauren store was holding a party with live jazz/swing music and drinks. The street was packed with people, the usual crowd of fashionistas, celebrities and wannabes! 
Overall it was nice, but nothing special. I would love to have some of New York's FNO glamour here. Or at least some more imaginative events. Maybe next year...

From left to right, me Artemi and Peggy in Hondos Center

Did you go to FNO?