This post is dedicated to my grandmother*, who passed away 3 years ago and whom I loved and admired very much. She was an amazing woman, and I feel blessed that she was a part of my family.
She was a very beautiful woman. The kind of beauty that is natural and effortless. If she lived in today’s world I’m sure she could be a model. Like the ones that are discovered by model scouts. She had grace and finesse. And she remained graceful and elegant through out her life, even at hard times. I don’t remember her ever being disheveled or unkempt. Her appearance was always impeccable, wherever she was, whatever she was doing. 

She was larger than life. Very extrovert, usually the soul of the party and the center of the attention. She would go on trips with a group of people she didn’t know and within a few hours, everyone would know her name and want to be in her company. 

She had the amazing ability of never saying no, but always doing things her way. I remember her saying “I always say yes, but in the end I do what I want”. She was a strong and confident woman, but she never stepped on anyone’s “toes”. I’m still puzzled how she managed to achieve that!
I also have to mention her cooking skills. She was born and raised in Crete (until she was 18, when she came to Athens), so you can understand what this means. Delicious Cretan cuisine that we were all fortunate enough to enjoy. She loved having people for dinner and could cook several dishes in very little time. She also knew all the recipes by heart! I on the other hand, can’t remember even the simplest recipe if I don’t write it down...

My grandmother with my grandfather circa 1944

I had a very strong bond with my grandmother, not only because she was my mother’s mother. I have her name and many people tell me that I am like her in so many ways. I feel very honored when I hear that and I sincerely hope it is even half true.  

(*The inspiration for this post came from the lovely A Brit Greek, who did a wonderful post about her grandmother. )

My grandmother’s photos are from the 40’s (or so), so I decided to do a themed photoshoot (although I feel like an ugly duckling compared to her!). I have this amazing dress that screams forties I just had to wear! My hairstyle is rather irrelevant with the era, but I can’t do much about it. Besides, it is an inspired look. I hope you like it...

(Dress: Dafni Valente, Shoes: Zara)