The man behind the label "jeAnS" is Antonis Spathas, who had a very successful career as a Make up artist before introducing himself as a designer (on October 2010). Which proves my point (see About me), that make up and fashion go together! ;)
As in his previous collections, the basic concept is multifunctional clothing. There are a lot of zippers, which are the key to the clothes’ convertibility and interchangeability. A long sleeve dress can become strapless, a pair of trousers can be transformed into shorts and so on. And some pieces can be combined with each other to create a new piece. 
I love the idea of multifunctional clothing and I love zippers! I enjoyed watching this show. It was fun to watch and kept me in suspense. Thumbs up for JeAns! 

Stay tuned for more posts about the first day of the 10th Athens Xclusive Designers Week!