Cyprus born, Athens based designer Stelios Koudounaris, has showcased his work in various European cities and his creations are distributed in 40 selected selling points in Austria, Denmark, Poland, Greece and Cyprus. Last night, he presented his 9th personal collection, the ss 2012 with the title “Entropia”. 
Soft flowy fabrics, draped mini dresses, vests and tops with long back and tailored waist were shown. I find most of these shapes to be very flattering to the female figure while being quite feminine at the same time. I could pick a few pieces from the mens line for myself as well! I quite liked the cardigans and the shirts.
There was also a very distinctive decorative piece that I really loved, which was worn with every single piece of the collection, but in a different way: as a harness (s&m is very on trend!), as a large pendant, as a tie, etc. Overall a beautiful and very wearable collection!
Oh, and last but not least, I adored the Jeffrey Cambell wedges! Can't wait for the first JC store opening in Greece!

A couple more posts about the 10th AXDW to follow...(stay tuned!).