You all know I’m a big fan of Miltos’ work and last night he amazed me (and every one in the room) once again! Not only by the beautiful collection he showcased, but also with the theatrical presentation of the show. 
There was a bed on the catwalk, and a half naked man was lying in it. The show started with a model being in bed with him and then she got up, wore her dress and threw some money at him (implying of course that the man was a...ahem...a gigolo!). 
Every single model first passed by his bed and threw money at him (he must have made a fortune that night, lol!), and then the girls walked down the runway. At the end, one of them came out with a gun and shot him dead! Then she got undressed to reveal a very sexy set of underwear! At the end all the girls were holding a red rose which they threw on the (“dead”) man’s bed. I totally loved the idea of this role playing, which made the show even more interesting. 
As for the clothes, Miltos never disappoints. This time the collection was inspired by the 50’s. Full skirts with beautiful tops, cinched at the waist, knee-length pencil skirts and a lot of dog-tooth prints. We also saw very elegant blouses with puff sleeves and bows, and lovely fishtail maxi dresses. The feminine shapes combined with the luxury fabrics and finish, made this collection one of my favorites!