I was totally being a good girl and resisting the online summer clearance sales, but then I see the Asos.com newsletter and decide to do a little "window shopping"! I come accross this beautiful one shoulder dress with a lovely bird print by Vero Moda and it's less than 8€! I bought it right away!

Then I started looking about a watch because lately I am obsessing over the Michael Kors rose gold watches, but I stumble upon this gorgeous watch that is only 12€ and tell me who can resist that price??? I still want the Michael Kors watch, but for now I'm pretty satisfied with this one!

Last but not least, another bargain that I snatched was this patent saddle bag, that can also double as a clutch since the straps are detachable. I want to add some color to my bag collection, because it's mostly blacks, browns and neutrals. This blue is perfect for color blocking...

Oh, and as I was taking these photos Loulou was watching me, and wondering what on earth I'm doing!

Unfortunately all these lovely things are out of stock now and I apologize for not posting this sooner, but I only got my order from Asos today. Keep searching the site though, I'm sure you'll find something you like (if not everything). Oh, and did I mention the Free Worlwide shipping???!