I discovered this long forgotten D&G knit in my closet, which is beautiful but not very practical. It has a lovely see through front with butterfly patterns and the rest of it (back, sleeves and super long turtle neck) is knit. That alone, makes it difficult to wear, because I’m not very keen on showing my bra in the middle of the day so I have to wear something to underneath it. I was lucky enough to find a similar colored sleeveless top , but still, it’s not exactly a winter knit, even though it keeps my arms, back and neck warm, I can’t say the same for my chest! Anyway, fashion is not meant to be practical at all times and I’m not one to really care for practicality!

Velvet jacket: Vintage
Knit: D&G
Jeans: Boohoo
Ankle boots: D&G
Ring: bought locally

Face: Korres Wild Rose foundation, Nivea perfect cover concealer, Elf complexion perfection
Eyes: Coastal Scents 26 color palette, Bourjois black eyeliner, Mac zoom lash mascara
Cheeks: Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Lips: Exclusive elegance double lipgloss

Do you buy only practical clothing/shoes? Do you mind if something gives you a bit of a hard time when you wear it?