Today the weather was magnificent, so I set out to go to the city centre for some shopping, visit a few thrift stores etc. I took the train because it’s almost impossible to park near Syntagma square, especially on a Saturday morning. On the way I started to feel a bit lightheaded and dizzy. It got worse and as soon as I left the train station I started feeling like I was about to faint. So I thought I should get back because I was in no condition to walk or do any shopping whatsoever. I got in a cab and told the driver to take me to my destination as soon as possible because I wasn’t feeling well. He said “with a woman like you I would even go to hell”!!! I ignored his remark and said please lets go, I feel very dizzy, but he continued and suggested that we go for a coffee so I will feel better and started asking me what’s my name, what I do for living, where I live etc.
OMG, was that guy for real? There I was, almost about to faint and he was hitting on me!!!
I had no choice but to get out and grab another taxi to take me home. Fortunately the other driver was no casanova!

Trench: Zara
T-shirt: gifted
Leggings: Tally Weijl
Ankle boots: unknown brand
Sunglasses: Rayban

Face: Rainbow matt finish make up, Mac full coverage (as concealer), Elf complexion perfection
Eyes: NYX green eyes palette, Grimas black eyeshadow, Korres black eyeliner, Max Factor masterpiece max mascara in black/brown
Cheeks: Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Lips: NYX lipstick in Indian pink

In case you’re wondering I feel better now and I’m guessing my blood pressure dropped and/or my iron levels must be very low again, that’s why I felt so dizzy and weak. So I’ll have to start taking iron supplements all over again!