The question is not about the outfit. It’s just that I’d like your feedback on something. Lately I’ve been wondering weather I should or shouldn’t reply to comments. Please don’t take this the wrong way and think that I’m starting to act like a Diva (!), I don’t mean that I will ignore your comments. I mean that maybe I should just visit your blogs and leave my comments to your posts (which I already do most of the times).
The reasons I started to think about this, are:
  1. the fact that my schedule doesn’t always allow me to reply to comments, even though I always read them and I totally appreciate every single one!
  2. when I leave a comment at a post, I don’t have the time to return to that post and check if there is a reply. And to be honest I don’t need to. They only thing I’d like in return is for the blogger to stop by my blog and leave me a comment too.
So, what do you think? Isn’t it a double trouble to reply to comments in your own post? Because then the person that left you the comment has to come back to your post AGAIN and read your reply. And if you didn’t have the time to reply the next day, how is that person to know when you will reply? So they’d have to come back to your post over and over again. And we all know how little time we have to do our blog reading!
I’ve come to the conclusion that the most honest, kind and correct way to deal with this (imo) is to stop by your commenters’ blogs and leave them a comment in return. And if someone asks you something in a comment, you can reply to them in their post (so they’ll definitely see it). Many bloggers do that and I think it works.
I hope I’m making sense here and I sincerely wish that you will continue to leave your comments. And be sure that I’ll be stopping by your blogs, because I like them and not because I have to!!!

Leggings and waistcoat: Zara
Knit sweater: Bershka
Wedges: unknown brand
Belt: Vintage

Face: Rainbow matt finish make up, Mac full coverage (as concealer), Elf complexion perfection
Eyes: Coastal scents 26 color palette, Korres black eyeliner, Max Factor masterpiece max mascara in black/brown
Cheeks: Elf contouring blush and bronzing powder
Lips: NYX lipstick in indian pink

There have been some new followers over the past few days and I’d like to welcome you all and thank you for following my blog. And of course a big big thank you to all of you that keep leaving me comments every day!