It would be far more interesting and poetic to write about a cold heart than about my cold hands, which I’m embarrassed to say, are suffering from chilblains! The fingers of my right hand to be exact, and they are swollen, red, sore and very itchy. It’s so annoying and even painful, especially when I’m working and I need to use my fingers and the make up products irritate it even more. Tomorrow I’m going to see a Doctor and hope that he can give me something to make it better. From what I know it has to do with poor blood circulation and/or it’s a bad reaction to cold and humid weather. And I live in Greece for crying out loud, it’s not THAT cold!!! Go figure...

Everything is from Zara except for the Vintage coat, the Artisti Italiani belt and the H&M bag

Face: Mac full coverage, Kryolan camouflage concealer, Grimas translucent powder
Eyes: Coastal Scents 26 color palette, Sleek bohemian palette, Korres black eyeliner, Korres lengthening mascara
Cheeks: The Body Shop bronzing powder 01, Biolife blush No13
Lips: Korres cherry lipgloss in light purple

How do you cope with the cold temperatures? Do you prefer the winter or the summer?